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Because we are a young company, we never stop dreaming and we strongly believe that what we do is in your favour. We live in the spirit of modern times and we strive to perfect our work and at every step to contribute to a more professional business and a better future. We are proud of each of the few projects that time allowed us to finish, and we hope soon to be able to deliver those that we had to postpone for one reason or another.


We know that a condition for the successful development of a business is the presence of reliable partners. Ones we can count on doing their job with the same precision and devotion we do ours. We now work with the best local florists in Eastern Europe and we keep on building our local florists network worldwide, so that we can offer the best products at the most competitive price.


We started working on our international flowers delivery website and we hope it will be ready by the end of summer. It will allow our customers to send flowers to all countries in Europe and is going to use our e-commerce platform, which means blazing fast loading speeds, super easy checkout process and mobile first design.

Our Projects